Selena Gomez’ Hacked Instagram Is a Painful Reminder That Justin Bieber Dick Pics Exist

Someone hacked Selena Gomez’ Instagram so they could post nude photos that we’ve already seen of Justin Bieber.

Way to go, guys.

Gomez has 125 million followers on Instagram and they were all treated to Bieber’s dong when they went searching for Selena’s boobs. The account was quickly taken down and Gomez now has full control back over the account. Here’s proof:

Don’t ask me why that’s the latest pic on Gomez’ account. There’s no caption. Maybe the hackers are taking their extremely lame hack even further.

Anyway, for those that don’t know, Bieber and Gomez used to be an on-and-off item for many years. It ended because Selena wanted someone more mature, so she decided to date someone who incorrectly named himself after two days of the week.

The nude photos in question are the same photos taken from Bieber’s 2015 trip to Bora Bora. Bieber said the photos made him feel “super violated” at the time. Maybe don’t go out in public naked if you don’t want to feel “super violated”?

Bieber is now more comfortable in his own skin as he canceled his tour, ran over some guy, dropped Floyd Mayweather as a friend, and is seeking help to become less imperfect. Or something like that. Hopefully, this hack and re-release of photos that are still on the internet doesn’t trigger Justin. The last thing we need is Bieber going back to that dark place where he’s an annoying douchebag.

I like the current Justin Bieber. The one that only shows up to get shut down by a front desk gym girl.

As for Selena, she’s definitely too busy plotting how to ride Taylor Swift’s coattails on this new album to care that her Instagram got hacked and nude photos of her ex-boyfriend got posted. She’s just thankful that this wasn’t the start of a brand new Fappening.

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