Donald Trump Boots Steve Bannon From White House in an Effort to Unite America

Steve Bannon has been removed as White House chief strategist. I’d say this is a good thing because Bannon is a huge reason why Donald Trump is in office, but this will probably lead to someone worse taking the position. So yeah. Things are still bad.

Bannon was forced out because someone had to take the fall for Trump blaming both sides in Charlottesville.

I’m not going to pretend like I know a ton about Steve Bannon. The most I know about him is that he was portrayed as Death on Saturday Night Live.

Based on those skits and Bannon’s quotes where he calls people “clowns” and “losers,” I think it’s safe to say that he’s pretty much a Trump clone. I guess one Trump is better than two.

Bannon was given the option to step down gracefully, but does anyone in the White House do anything gracefully? Of course not. So, instead of falling on his sword for Trump, he was forced out by Trump. Both of these guys are terrible people.

Let’s go to Twitter for some reactions.

Is this a victory for America? Probably not. As I said, Trump will find someone worse and Bannon already did his damage by helping Trump get elected. This is nothing more than a Hail Mary by Trump. He knows he’s losing support and this is one of the most drastic measures he can take. Force out the only guy who comes close to him on the “we hate you” scale.

You know what his next drastic move will be in a month when we forget about this and he continues to do and say stupid things? War. Because the only thing that unites a country more than hating a single person is hating another country who we’re told is trying to destroy us.

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