Taylor Swift’s Newest Project Are These Embarrassing Courtroom Sketches

Taylor Swift is currently suing David Mueller for allegedly grabbing her ass in 2013. In general, I would usually find this entirely unremarkable. But in this case, I love the courtroom sketches of Swift we’ve been treated to.

I mean, look at that, that isn’t Taylor Swift, it’s a Bob Montana drawing of Betty Cooper. Okay, I actually feel bad having a go at the sketch artist. Their job is to show us roughly what went on in the courtroom in a quick sketch, not to be a PR person for Tay Tay. Plus after what the sketch artist in the Martin Shkreli trial did, the whole profession gets a lifetime pass from me.

Twitter users, as usual, had a lot to say about the sketches.

Swift is countersuing Mueller for $1 to make a statement, while Mueller’s original suit alleges that Swift lied about him groping her ass and that said alleged lie cost him his job as a radio DJ. I just hope the trial turns out better for Swift than these sketches of her did.

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