Taylor Swift’s Newest Project Are These Embarrassing Courtroom Sketches

Taylor Swift is currently suing David Mueller for allegedly grabbing her ass in 2013. In general, I would usually find this entirely unremarkable. But in this case, I love the courtroom sketches of Swift we’ve been treated to.

I mean, look at that, that isn’t Taylor Swift, it’s a Bob Montana drawing of Betty Cooper. Okay, I actually feel bad having a go at the sketch artist. Their job is to show us roughly what went on in the courtroom in a quick sketch, not to be a PR person for Tay Tay. Plus after what the sketch artist in the Martin Shkreli trial did, the whole profession gets a lifetime pass from me.

Twitter users, as usual, had a lot to say about the sketches.

Swift is countersuing Mueller for $1 to make a statement, while Mueller’s original suit alleges that Swift lied about him groping her ass and that said alleged lie cost him his job as a radio DJ. I just hope the trial turns out better for Swift than these sketches of her did.

  • gem2477

    Nah. The song is so immature and outright stupid that Kanye is probably somewhere laughing his ass off.

    • Thao Truong

      dont be jealous…that song basically says it all. its genius…how else is it breaking record…if it sucked then everyone would say so….revenge comes in everyway and she got hers by being top of the list…lets see all her haters get there like taylor did. NOTTTT

      • gem2477

        She could have released a track of her farting and it’d be #1. With her, that’s not a good demonstration of if it being a good song.

      • BigJimSlade

        It’s genius? It’s not even music.
        This generic crap wouldn’t have managed to be a B-side on a Madonna single 20 years ago.

  • AussieDan

    Remember when Taylor wrote poppy country songs…?

  • Shawn Cicero

    wow people are nutty stalkers

  • Mithrull

    Pretend to like her fans? Bwhahahahahahaha you are fucking pathetic.

  • Moise

    who the hell are you guys? no names, just jealous of her fame and success. But who can blame you? You do this for green.

  • Atomic Rat

    oh my fucking god !!!!!!

    she’s so existential… she’s so multidimensional… she’s so fucking awesomely…. banal and pedantic.

    So you really don’t have to have anything one the ball other than a good PR firm and a fair agent to be a success as a pop star.

    I didn’t believe them. It’s still hard to believe.

  • Larry

    That girl is too high maintenance and a loon.

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