Taylor Swift Disappeared to Reinvent Herself as Someone More Petty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ll know that Taylor Swift is back and ready to destroy everyone in her path.

But for the past six months, she’s been living under that rock with you.

Following Kim Kardashian releasing the clip of Taylor kinda sorta agreeing to be part of Kanye West’s narrative, Taylor decided that she didn’t want to be part of the narrative and disconnected herself from the world. What has she done in the last six months? Work on what’s going to be the greatest album of all-time, of course.

Here’s what a source had to say to PEOPLE about Taylor’s disappearance following the West feud, the Katy Perry feud, and break-ups with Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris.

“It was draining her and she needed to disappear to reinvent herself. It was time to change things up and take another approach.”

Translation: it was time to write scathing diss records and create petty music videos. Oh, and date some guy no one has ever heard of who won’t be stupid enough to wear a “I <3 TS” shirts in public like an attention-seeking douche.

The source continued by saying that Taylor felt like her life was “spinning out of control” and “wants the focus to be on her music.”

You won’t find a bigger Taylor Swift supporter on this site than me, but when her music is focused on her life and the people involved in her life, the focus will never be on her music. If she wants the focus on her music, she should go back to writing country songs about burning pictures and crying while playing guitar.

She’s talking about her life through her music and I don’t think she’s naive enough to think that we won’t be talking about her life through our social media.

When Reputation drops on Nov. 10, I have a feeling she’ll give us plenty to talk about.

  • gem2477

    Nah. The song is so immature and outright stupid that Kanye is probably somewhere laughing his ass off.

    • Thao Truong

      dont be jealous…that song basically says it all. its genius…how else is it breaking record…if it sucked then everyone would say so….revenge comes in everyway and she got hers by being top of the list…lets see all her haters get there like taylor did. NOTTTT

      • gem2477

        She could have released a track of her farting and it’d be #1. With her, that’s not a good demonstration of if it being a good song.

      • BigJimSlade

        It’s genius? It’s not even music.
        This generic crap wouldn’t have managed to be a B-side on a Madonna single 20 years ago.

  • AussieDan

    Remember when Taylor wrote poppy country songs…?

  • Shawn Cicero

    wow people are nutty stalkers

  • Mithrull

    Pretend to like her fans? Bwhahahahahahaha you are fucking pathetic.

  • Moise

    who the hell are you guys? no names, just jealous of her fame and success. But who can blame you? You do this for green.

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