Taylor Swift’s New Song Brought Out the Memes

Taylor Swift blessed the world with “Look What You Made Me Do” last night. After listening to it roughly one million times, I have determined that it’s slightly above average, but it’s definitely no “Shake It Off.” I know you were probably expecting me to declare it as the greatest song ever, but I am nothing if not fair.

While there are many notable lyrics, a couple of lines in particular stood out to everyone. They aren’t actually song lyrics, just a narration interruption near the end.

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”


“Oh, ’cause she’s dead!”

That’s right, the old Taylor is dead and this is the beginning of a new Taylor. Not only has Taylor transformed herself from 1989, but fans have been transformed by the new single.

Let’s not pretend that Taylor was young and innocent prior to this single, but this single is definitely a dark turn.

This is just about perfect.

I don’t know anything about Robin Sparkles or Robin Daggers.


Miss you, Lizzie McGuire

Alright, this one is probably my favorite because Spongebob is the best.

Not bad.

I imagine that this was Kanye’s actual reaction.

There are a million more Before/After memes if you have hours to kill on Twitter. I’m sure the memes will continue as we build towards the Nov. 10 release of Reputation. What do you expect when one of the biggest pop stars in the world dies and comes back as a dark evil force?

Here, I’ll even create my own meme.

Me before listening to “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Me after listening to “Look What You Made Me Do”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to the song another million times and annoy all my friends.

  • gem2477

    Nah. The song is so immature and outright stupid that Kanye is probably somewhere laughing his ass off.

    • Thao Truong

      dont be jealous…that song basically says it all. its genius…how else is it breaking record…if it sucked then everyone would say so….revenge comes in everyway and she got hers by being top of the list…lets see all her haters get there like taylor did. NOTTTT

      • gem2477

        She could have released a track of her farting and it’d be #1. With her, that’s not a good demonstration of if it being a good song.

      • BigJimSlade

        It’s genius? It’s not even music.
        This generic crap wouldn’t have managed to be a B-side on a Madonna single 20 years ago.

  • AussieDan

    Remember when Taylor wrote poppy country songs…?

  • Shawn Cicero

    wow people are nutty stalkers

  • Mithrull

    Pretend to like her fans? Bwhahahahahahaha you are fucking pathetic.

  • Moise

    who the hell are you guys? no names, just jealous of her fame and success. But who can blame you? You do this for green.

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