Tommy Lee Tries Not to Feel Old Watching Kids React to His Music

Motley Crue, sheesh, they’ve been around. They retired a few years ago, but “Home Sweet Home” will live on forever.

FBE (Fine Brothers Entertainment) did one of those kids reaction videos. They had kids come in and listen/watch Motley Crue videos. The twist is that they THEN had Tommy Lee come in and react to the reaction video. You’ve been incepted!

The video is fun to watch. Lee, who’s probably in his mid-50’s, is watching kids, who could be his grandchildren, rock out. Or call his music repetitive. One of the best parts is Lee’s comments after every kid’s comments.

Another thing to notice: Lee licks his lips a lot. A case of the dry mouth. Really thirsty? Or drugs. You make the call.

The interviewer also asks one of the kids if Motley Crue would be popular now. She says no, not in this age of Snapchat dog filter girls. Hahaha. That is a very astute cultural observation by a young teen.

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