Trump Stared Directly Into the Eclipse Which Explains Everything You Need to Know About Him

This. Is. Hysterical. Donald Trump, being The Donald, took off his solar eclipse glasses today and STARED DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN. I love The Donald.

This despite seven million warnings from science organizations everywhere, and the news, and your mother, about not doing so because it would burn your retinas.

Not a surprise since he doesn’t listen to science anyway. This is him thuming his nose at that globalist cuck of a solar system.

Trump looks like he’s preparing for aliens to suck what’s left of his soul.

Of course, Twitter had a field day. And who can blame them? These photos of him staring into the sun will turn into memes that’ll live forever. They’re getting delivered to the Library of Congress as we speak.

Supposedly, an aide shouted “Don’t look!” to him. Do you think he’d listen? No.

At this point, Donald Trump is turning into a goofy, old grandfather.

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