Guy Gets to Have Oral Sex with Usher, Then Has the Nerve to Sue Him for Herpes

I’m not sure being a celebrity is even worth it anymore. Usher allegedly had oral sex with a guy, unknown if he gave or received. Now the guy’s turning around and suing Usher. How’s that for a thank you very much?

As you might have read, Usher’s in the news for paying off hush money to a former sex partner. He purportedly hid his herpes diagnosis from an unnamed woman (but rumored to be Maya Fox-Davis). They had unprotected sex and Fox-Davis ended up with herpes. Then, he paid her off with $1.1 million.

Now the flood gates have opened.

Anyone who’s come within a foot of Usher’s dick has opted to sue. This includes Quantasia Sharpton, an unnamed woman, and an also unnamed fellow who engaged in oral sex with Usher.

The lawsuit says that Usher caused them “emotional distress, depression and anxiety.” They didn’t bother to ask about STDs “because Raymond [Usher] was a revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted.” Someone’s got pie on their face!

Who knows for sure, but seems like a money grab.

First off, Usher is bisexual? Okay. This is a surprise, sort of. There have been rumors, if you bother Googling it.

Even bigger than that is the lack of common decency normies have towards celebs now. Usher didn’t need this man for oral sex. This John Doe, as he’s named in the suit, got to suck Usher’s dick. Or had his dick sucked by Usher. Either way, John Doe won the lottery. How’s an autograph ever gonna compare to THIS gift that Usher gave you?

This reminds me of the Dave Chappelle routine about Michael Jackson and the Make-a-Wish kid. The kid asks to meet Jackson. Jackson agrees and invites him to Neverland. There, he gets fed, entertained and umm, gets his dick sucked. Afterwards, the kid claims abuse. Chappelle says, channeling Jackson, “This was YOUR wish, not mine.”

Kinda reminds me of this. Dude, John Doe, you don’t have normal people herpes. You have celebrity herpes. You win.

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