America’s Embarrassing Dad Joe Biden Wishes Julia Louis-Dreyfus Well One Veep to Another

I remember thinking Joe Biden was a bit of an embarrassment as Vice President. He had a tendency to say really dumb, impolitic things, like calling then-Senator Barack Obama “clean and articulate” during the 2008 presidential primary. Now I just long for the days when the people running the country knew what the word “articulate” means.

Joe Biden made a tweet about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s breast cancer diagnosis, wishing her well and proving that a government official can use Twitter for something other than accidentally declaring war on North Korea.

The picture of the two together is from this video, filmed for the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in which Dreyfus, as her Veep character Selina Meyer, teams up with Vice President Biden for the sort of cute but inoffensive hijinks you get when a politician does comedy. You know, where everyone pretends to smile all the time and no one says f**k.

Twitter users generally responded positively to the tweet, which is a really weird thing because it’s Twitter, a place where people routinely send rape and death threats because someone likes a different pizza topping than they do.

Okay, let’s take it down a notch, he said something nice to an acquaintance, he didn’t give us universal health care or something. Seriously, he literally did not do that.

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