Ashley Graham Probably Did It With Her Husband After This Pic

Ashley Graham, probably the only plus-sized model you know by name, got hoisted up by husband Justin Ervin in the pool. You know for sure they did the deed after this.

Graham posted this shot on her Instagram of Ervin carrying her full weight while they made out. Graham’s got her two-piece bathing suit on and Ervin’s got his boner on.

Unfortunately for you pervs, she wasn’t full on nude. Don’t worry, she WAS nude a few months ago in V magazine. You can check that out here (link NSFW). Totally worth it.

Graham recently had a book tour for her book, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like. In it, she wrote about sexual harassment as a model, racism and how her family responded to Ervin, who is, as you can see, black.

Kudos to Graham. Great that she opened up about her life and brilliant marketing to rise above all the other model riff-raff.

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