Ben Affleck Isn’t Funny and Tries Too Hard, Says Lindsay Shookus’ Friend

This is either jealousy by Lindsay Shookus’ friends or Ben Affleck is someone who’s had too many ‘yes men’ surrounding him.

Shookus’ friend blabs to Radar that Affleck just isn’t funny, but thinks he is. We can all relate to that.

The 45-year-old Affleck is “famous, but not funny” says the friend.

“Unfortunately, no one has told him this,” the pal continues. “All night long he was trying to crack jokes and show how smart he is. He needs to relax and just take a back seat. It’s wasn’t his night.”

Haha. Tough crowd. If this is true, Affleck probably was nervous about fitting in with a new crowd. Aren’t actors really insecure? Sounds like he was trying to cover up his insecurity with bad jokes. Guess a big dick can’t cure everything. Affleck needs Matt Damon to come out and write better material for him with Shookus’ friends.

Her friend continues:

“They are a tight bunch and it takes a long time for them to welcome a new person in,” the mole reveals. “They have all known each other for years and admire talent and comedic skills above fame.”

I’m so curious who this friend is. They don’t sound like they’re very inside Shookus’ circle. Uses “they” instead of “we” when talking about the friends.

Shookus won an Emmy for Saturday Night Live, so obviously she’s got comedic talent around her. It’s a bit unfair to expect Ben Affleck, freaking Batman!, to go up against professional comedians. That’s just asking to be ripped a new one behind your back. Especially when you’re hanging out with comedians.

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