Bruce Willis Is Back as John McClane From the Past and Future

Hollywood has done it again. Failing to come up with an original idea, they’ve gone back to the money-making well known as Die Hard. At some point in the near future, Bruce Willis will star in Die Hard: Year One. Half the movie will be a prequel, following John McClane as a rookie cop, and the other half will be a sequel, following John McClane as a 60-year-old who should be a grandfather.

Casting is underway for the film. Jai Courtney played McClane’s son in A Good Day to Die Hard and Mary Elizabeth Winstead played his daughter in previous films. I assume both will be back in their roles for the present day shots of the movie. Unless they refuse to do an obvious cash grab movie. Who knows who will be cast for the prequel scenes or how they’ll make Bruce Willis appear 40 years younger.

Actually, that part is easy. Just put a wig on him.

Bonnie Bedelia played McClane’s estranged wife in the original Die Hard. If the timeline adds up, the two could be together when McClane was a rookie cop. Bringing Bedelia back would be a nice surprise for fans of the franchise, but I’m not holding my breath.

I just hope that the prequel part isn’t more action packed than the original movie. Part of the charm of Die Hard was a single cop managing to take out a group of German terrorists. If we find out that years earlier, the same cop took down the entire New York mob and a group of terrorists, all of a sudden McClane’s 1988 Christmas adventure doesn’t look so impressive. He’s a rookie cop. Just have him sit behind a desk and do a bunch of paperwork. That’s all rookie cops do 90 percent of the time anyway.

There’s no release date for Die Hard: Year One.

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