Cardi B — Boycott the NFL and Watch Baseball If Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Signed

Should I care? Cardi B knocked Taylor Swift from the number one spot on the top 100. That makes her only the second female rapper to ever score a #1.

Speaking to Billboard about the honor, she also gave her two cents on the NFL/Trump controversy.

Why is our president so concerned about what football players is doing when the goddamned world is going in shambles?…It’s just ridiculous. I feel like all these football team owners, they wanna release statements now…But Colin Kaepernick, he still don’t got a job. So what’s really good?

I see her point. The owners’ statements say they support different opinions. While the players want to knee and stand or whatnot, owners really don’t want Colin on their team and that’s their opinion. So, if they don’t want Colin, guess what. Colin isn’t playing.

She also said:

You can’t really be mad at these players, be mad at these goddamn team owners. Yea, that’s right. You gonna hire Colin now or we ain’t gonna be watchin’ football Sunday. We gonna be watchin’ baseball, whatever days baseball is on.

Until someone in baseball pulls a Kaepernick. That’ll probably start soon.

Yesterday was the first time ever a baseball player kneeled during the national anthem. Bruce Maxwell, 26, of the Oakland Athletics, did so before their game against the Texas Rangers. Luckily, he’s only a catcher and no one gives a s**t about some rando catcher.

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Perry de Havilland
5 years ago

Here is an idea: how about not playing national anthems at non-national-team sporting events? I mean how is it relevant to club-based sporting of any kind? And then keep all politics out of all sports and just make the event about… sports?