Cash Me Outside Girl Wants You to Know That She’s Still Rich

If you’re not sick of Danielle Bregoli aka the Cash Me Outside girl aka Bhad Bhabie yet, well, I’d like to meet you because you have a high pain tolerance and should be in MMA or something.

And if you are sick of her, too bad. She released one single. Signed a record deal. And has now released two more singles.

The first single is called “Hi Bich.” Yes, the word is misspelled. No, you are not surprised. Yes, you should take a shot. The second single is “Whachu Know.” Take another shot.

In case you don’t want to listen to both songs, let me sum them up: Bregoli “raps” about how much money she has and things she’s probably never actually done/seen in her life.

On the track “Hi Bich,” she constantly repeats the phrase “Hi Bitch” while “rapping” about a white horse, white Porsche, white Js, and a white wrist. I couldn’t make out any other lyrics in the song, but I know she talks a lot about her haters and how much money she has.

On “Whachu Know,” she once again just says the phrase (“whatchu know about it”) over and over. This time, she asks what do we know about trap houses, Cuban lean, and a bunch of money. She also says the line, “hop out the push with a baddie, she got a nice face and a fatty, do what I say like I’m daddy.” That line makes me believe that she’s either admitting to being bi-sexual, she thinks she’s a pimp, or that this track was initially written for a guy.

Anyway, if you enjoy 14-year-old white girls acting like they’re from the streets and involved in that gang life while also being rich and flashy. Then, what the hell is wrong with you? Listen to better music.

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