Dave Bautista Is a Giant Gorilla Chameleon

Dave Bautista is perhaps one of the most underappreciated professional wrestlers of all-time. He was criticized for being a “Vince McMahon pet project,” which basically means he’s a big guy who couldn’t wrestle, but got pushed because Vince McMahon loves big muscular guys no matter their ability.

Since he’s a big muscular guy, when he went to Hollywod, he was typecast as a meathead action star. Bautista gave a thumbs down to those who saw him that way.

In an interview with IndieWire, Big Dave talked about transitioning for WWE to Hollywood and wanting to be a real actor.

“I don’t want to look like Dave Bautista there on screen, being the same guy in every role,” said Bautista. “I want to be different characters. I want to be a chameleon, which is not easy for me to do because I’m built like a fucking gorilla.”

A giant gorilla chameleon sounds like the worst pet ever. Could you imagine such a thing?

Bautista credited Chris Pratt for giving him a certain confidence on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I’ve never seen anybody who can just kind of a put himself so at ease and such a mindset where he’s just completely unselfconscious,” said Bautista. “He just lets it fly, he just lets it all hang out, he just doesn’t care. There’s nothing self-conscious about his performance, he just puts it all out there. He does stuff and says stuff [laughs] – it’s almost like he’s rambling sometimes, but he’s just fearless.”

I’ve seen every episode of Parks and Recreation. I 100 percent believe that Chris Pratt doesn’t give a f**k what anyone thinks about him and that if he can elicit a laugh, he’ll go for it. And poor Anna Faris.

Bautista will next be seen in Blade Runner 2049, but it’s not really Bautisa, it’s just a robot.

“That’s the biggest thing I took away from that film is that Denis is very specific, and I mean very specific, to the point of directing how I walk, how I put things down, to my demeanor, to how I put on my glasses, how I take off my glasses,”

You gotta let Big Dave be Big Dave, directors.

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