Don’t You Hate It When Bill Nye Walks in on You Half-Naked Shaking Your Ass in an Elevator?

I’m not entirely sure why a group of girls would decide to get on Snapchat and dance around half-naked in a hotel elevator. Surely there are better places to shake your ass for the internet, like literally any of the rooms in the hotel. Of course, if you’re just shaking your ass in your bedroom, you don’t won’t be the star of a viral video when Bill Nye the Science Guy accidentally breaks up your dance party.

The woman who posted the video, Savanah Prosch, had a quick chat with the website Someecards.

She explained that the elevator festivities, which went down at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, continued for a few moments after the Snapchat ended. “[Nye] shook our hands asked if we walked to take a picture, and that if so could we do it in the elevator,” she told us over Twitter DM. “My roommates said he would save the world. They wish he was president. He said thank, you shook our hands, and it was his stop.”

Bill Nye is a class act, and I kind of wish he was the president, too.

Nye parodied the incident in a promotion for a Planetary Society conference.

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