Drake’s Crew Member’s Murder Caught on Tape, The Video’s Pretty Crazy

Anthony “Fif” Soares, one of Drake’s longtime friends, was murdered last week in Toronto. Soares  was in the lobby of a building when two guys in hoodies pulled up and shot him 10+ times. Drake posted on Instagram:

😔😔😔😢😢😢 RIP to one of our family members…our brother… I still can’t even believe this morning was real. It was a honor to have shared years together and I will always keep your memory alive 😔Forever Fif

Police released security footage of the incident and it is something brutal to watch. Soares is waiting in the lobby to go upstairs. Suddenly, a Ford Fusion pulls up, two guys get out and run up to the locked glass doors. Soares ducks down when these two started shooting, but how are you gonna get away from two people shooting at you from three feet away.

Those two guys came in blasting. One was smart enough to wipe of his prints after his accomplice opened the door while shooting Soares. Gotta be pros. Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux said:

“He was aware that he touched the frame of that door and he was concerned about it. Despite the fact that he was involved in a dynamic shooting, he was evidence-conscious.”

According to the Toronto Police Homicide unit, the murder was “very focused.” Detective Giroux says about Drake, “I certainly would encourage him through his tweets to encourage anybody within the community to come forward with regards to any information that they have that may assist in solving his friend’s murder.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Soares’ friend dropped him off. When he saw these two guys shooting Soares, he drove away(!). Wow, that is sad. Detective Giroux said the friend “felt horrible about leaving.” But not horrible enough to have left. The friend later RETURNED to the scene and called police. So he drove off, was like, “oh wait, this isn’t cool,” then drove back. Or gave it a few minutes to make sure the shooting had stopped. That is one horrible friend.

Drake got a tattoo with Soares’ face on his arm in memory.

Not a tattoo he wishes he had to get.

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