‘Game of Thrones’ Doesn’t Want Nerds to Spoil the Finale

Those who work on Game of Thrones don’t want anyone to know what’s going to happen on the series finale until it airs three years from now. That’s why they’re going to shoot multiple endings to ensure no spoilers get out.

Here’s what HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys told The Morning Call:

“I know in ‘Game of Thrones,’ the ending, they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really know what happens,”

“You have to do that on a long show. Because when you’re shooting something, people know. So they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”

I’m not exactly sure how this would prevent people from finding out if HBO gets hacked again and the episode leaks a week early like last time, but I’m sure they won’t get hacked again. It’s not like Game of Thrones fans are huge nerds who possess the computer skills and free time to hack an entire television company because they’re impatient and can’t wait a week for the episode to air. Right?

Game of Thrones isn’t the first series to film multiple endings for their series finale. The Sopranos and Breaking Bad shot different endings while Dallas filmed multiple endings for their “Who Shot JR?” finale.

Really, Sopranos? You did multiple endings and the one you went with was the biggest cop-out ending of all-time? I’d hate to know what the other ones looked like if they thought that one was the best.

As long as the Game of Thrones producers/directors/writers use a better ending than Jon Snow standing in front of Cersei with a sword in his hand before the screen fades to black, I think we can safely assume that it won’t be the worst finale of all-time.

If George R.R. Martin is feeling petty, he could totally spoil everything by finishing the books.

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