Halle Berry Robbed the Cradle for Her New Man

Halle Berry has a new man. And he’s a kid. Alex Da Kid, to be more specific.

Berry stepped out with Alex Da Kid, real name Alexander Grant, on Instagram on Tuesday.

Following the posting of the photo, Berry and Alex were spotted on a dinner date in London. While Berry dressed up, wearing a nice black top with leather pants, Alex dressed like Da Kid. He was seen in a baseball shirt and sweatpants. Alex needs to change his name to Alex Da Man and start dressing like one if he hopes to remain with Halle Berry.

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Here’s what a source told Entertainment Tonight about Da Kid in Halle’s life:

“He is a very chill guy and soft spoken. He’s low key and a really nice guy. He’s very creative and serious about his music.”

Da Kid is a British music producer who has worked on such tracks as Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie,” Diddy’s annoying “Coming Home,” and every Imagine Dragons song that you’re already sick of.

Berry, 51, has been married three times and probably figures that she’s better off adopting a grown kid than getting married again. Alright, I’m sorry for all the kid jokes. But you can’t be a 35-year-old man and call yourself Da Kid and expect to be taken seriously when you’re dating a woman 16 years older than you.

Berry has kept a rather low profile for the past couple years, until this year when she starred in Kidnap, which was just Taken but with a female lead and not as good. She’s also in the new Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie.

My only wish in life is for these two to have a child and for that child to go by the name of Alex Da Kid’s Kid. And for that name to live on forever so future bloggers are able to beat the same joke into the ground.

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