Here’s a Tip If You’re Racist and Your Uber Driver Is Black

Turns out common sense isn’t as common as you’d think it would be. Take these Uber passengers for example. One would think when your Uber driver is a minority, you wouldn’t be shouting “white privilege” as you get in the car. And if you did shout it once, you wouldn’t keep repeating it. Not quite true here.

And if you do keep repeating “white privilege” over and over again, don’t be surprised when your Uber driver starts getting pissed. More so, don’t be surprised that when you start touching everything in the Uber driver’s car, he’s going to reach his limit and kick you out of his car.

Also, you probably shouldn’t then call your driver the n-word over and over again once you’re kicked out because there’s a good chance he’s going to get real mad.

This video is basically a educational video of what not to do when you’re white.

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6 years ago

“Nate” is an ignorant jerk. Spare us from people like him. Good on the Uber driver who kicked this jack*ss out of his car, because i sure as hell would. Mr. Uber driver gave “Rebecca” some good advice there at the end. You ARE judged by the company you keep.