Ivanka Trump Threw Shade at a Baby on Twitter

So either Ivanka Trump doesn’t know how to use the word “otherwise” or she thinks her vampire brother Eric’s newborn son Luke is an asshole, because she tweeted that she was cuddling him on “an otherwise incredible day.” It’s honestly a toss-up, because if there are two words that describe pretty much all of the Trumps, they’re “stupid” and “unpleasant.” Okay, not the baby, he’s still adorable, it’s not his fault he’s surrounded by horrible people.

This was actually a fairly presidential tweet, if that president is George W. Bush. At least she didn’t call anyone daddy, I’m still throwing up in my mouth from that story. While I take care of that, let’s see how Twitter reacted to Ivanka Trump inadvertently calling her nephew an asshole.

Oh god now I’m thinking about it again. You ever feel bad for Tiffany Trump? I honestly don’t know if being the daughter your dad doesn’t want to f**k is good or bad. Quick, somebody show me Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride to keep me from losing my lunch thinking about it.

I can always count on you, Twitter.

This has nothing to do with misusing the word “otherwise,” but have you seen what Eric Trump looks like? He’s not wrong.

Hey, that’s Lenny! Ivanka Trump is getting dunked on by Lenny! And not the insipid Lena Dunham newsletter!

Okay, that’s the best one. That anonymous dude wins the internet.

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