Jessica Biel Sued for Stealing Tips from Waitresses

Did you know that Jessica Biel is part owner of a restaurant called Au Fudge? It seems like something only those living in California would know. But now you, loyal reader, know as well.

Bad news for Mrs. Biel and Au Fudge. They’re being sued by former employees who claim that they weren’t given proper breaks and that tips were withheld from major parties. The nine plaintiffs are seeking $461,694 in compensatory damages and at least $1,000,000 in punitive damages. That’s it? Biel should go ahead and write that check right now and save everyone the trouble. Justin Timberlake could probably find a check for that much lying around the house that’s dated back to his NSYNC days.

The nine plaintiffs were part of the original Au Fudge staff, and according to the Hollywood Reporter story, were morons:

The staffers are said to be “young adults new to the workforce and new to Los Angeles” who did double duty by working at Au Fudge while “trying to begin a career in the entertainment industry,” the suit says. “Plaintiffs were unfamiliar with workers’ rights and were ill-prepared to deal with violations of their rights in the workplace,” it adds.

Good luck in the entertainment industry. If you don’t even know what your rights are working at a restaurant, I’m sure you’ll go far. I want to get in contact with these people because I’m sure they need an agent. As long as they pay me my 75% (that’s standard fee in Hollywood, in case any of you nine former Au Fudge employees are reading), I’ll make sure no one ever takes advantage of them again.

Au Fudge catered major parties for companies like Netflix and Amazon. The employees were owed 22 percent of the final check, but claim to have never seen a dime. The report indicates that Netflix spent $80,220.19 at their party while Amazon spent $94,416.70. Step your game up, Netflix.

Just give them all free lifetime subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon and be done with this whole thing.

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