Jim Carrey Shaves Beard to Prove He’s an Asshole

Jim Carrey is dead to me. The famed actor, who stood arm-in-arm with me as a bearded brother, decided to give himself a shave. How could you do this, Jim? Here’s what Carrey looked like in better times:

Never mind the fact that you can’t tell that’s Jim Carrey. That’s a hell of a beard that any man should be proud to wear. Carrey’s beard was so legendary that it even has its own Twitter account.

When one fan wanted Carrey to lose the beard, his beard responded:

Well, he took the blade to his neck and did some cutting.

Words can’t express how sad I am that Carrey went clean. But, alas, he had no choice. The actor had to shave it off in order to promote Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – The Story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton. Yes, that is the full name of the movie. No, I will not type it again.

The documentary is about Carrey transforming himself into Andy Kaufman for the 1999 film Man on the Moon. Carrey won a Golden Globe for his performance. He described his preparation for the film as “psychotic” as he transformed himself into Andy as part of his method acting. The documentary comes from 20 hours of footage that sat somewhere in Universal Pictures, who didn’t want to release it because it made Carrey look like “an asshole.”

Now that he’s shaved his beard, we all know he’s an asshole. So bring on the documentary.

Carrey basically went into hiding after Dumb & Dumber To because who could show their face after that atrocity? He emerged a month ago to show off his painting skills:

The end of the beard may signal a return to movies. Or it may signal that he got tired of birds nesting in his chin.

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