Marilyn Manson Is Just Like Us, He Also Thinks Justin Bieber Is a Piece of S**t

We all think Justin Bieber is a piece of s**t, right? If you didn’t before, then you must have when he slid into a gym’s DMs to hit on the receptionist, right? Well, after meeting him personally, Marilyn Manson agrees with you.

This all started when Bieber decided to wear a $200 shirt from Barney’s that was basically an existing Marilyn Manson shirt from Hot Topic with “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” printed on the back. That in and of itself isn’t a big deal, if someone put my name on a shirt like that I’d probably wear it, too. The problem is that, as Manson stated in an interview with Consequence of Sound, Bieber opened his mouth and his personality came out.

Manson says that when he first met Bieber “he was [already] wearing the shirt that had his name on my shirt, and he said to me, ‘I made you relevant again.’” “Bad mistake to say to me,” Manson adds.

That’s just a shitty thing to say in general. Is Justin Bieber even relevant at this point? All we’ve been reporting about Bieber is that he hits on receptionists and he cancelled his tour to hang out with Jesus. Do people still even like him after he transformed from baby-faced, non-threatening teen idol to the world’s biggest douche?

“He was a real piece of s**t in the way he had the arrogance to say that,” Manson says of Bieber. “He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, ‘yo yo bro!’ and touches you when he’s talking. I’m like, you need to stand down, you’re dick height on me, ok? (laughs) Alright? So stand down, son.”

I don’t even like Marilyn Manson and I love Marilyn Manson. Manson mentioned the incident in an interview with Billboard, as well, detailing the immediate aftermath of the incident.

I reply, “That was a great idea you had about doing [my song] ‘The Beautiful People’ at your show at Staples Center tomorrow.” And he goes, “Yeah, it was,” not knowing that I told him an idea that I had just made up. His tour manager sat down, and I asked, “What time is sound check tomorrow? What time should I be there? Because we’re going to do ‘Beautiful People.’” Obviously, when 4 p.m. rolled around the next day, I just didn’t show.

It was nice though that I didn’t have to sue his company for making the shirts that he wore with his name and my face on it. They were very much like, “We know we’re wrong here; just take as many dollars as you want.” So it was a double “f**k you,” but wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t said, “I made you relevant again.”

Has anyone seen this and been on Bieber’s side? For all his theatrics, Manson has always seemed like a pretty down to earth guy. You could probably have a beer with him, provided you aren’t a self-centered douche whose first interaction with him is to tell him you think you’re better than him.

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