Justin Bieber with Some Mystery Girl

Justin Bieber wants you to know that he’s a changed man and that the only man he now fears is God himself.

That’s a pretty loud jacket you’re wearing there, Justin. Mind keeping it down a bit?

If you recall, Bieber canceled tour dates so he could love himself a bit more during the summer. Since then, he’s tried sliding into the DMs of a receptionist and done nothing much else of note. Now, he’s out here trying to preach to via his clothing.

I can’t make fun of Bieber for trying to change and better himself. I can make fun of him for wearing ugly clothes and not pulling up his pants, but you know, he’s trying.

Bieber has become close with pastor Carl Lentz these past few months. Lentz runs Hillsong Church in NYC. So, if you’re ever in the area, stop by and say hi to Justin Bieber and his new mystery girl. There’s also a Hillsong church in Los Angeles. You’re more likely to see Bieber there because who wants to go to New York?

Bieber and Lentz were spotted going into a recording studio together earlier in the summer. I’m not looking forward to Bieber’s upcoming gospel album.

Let’s talk more about the mystery girl.

Bieber doesn’t look like he’s too into this mystery girl. Maybe he would have been all over her last year, but this is the new and improved Justin Bieber. The only person Bieber has time for in his life is God.

I have no clue why the guy with the tour shirt is out on this date, but I’m going to assume that he’s the chaperone. Now that Justin has given himself to God, he can no longer have sex with random women. That man is there to ensure that Bieber goes him with God and no one else.

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