Justin Timberlake Will Expose Someone’s Nipple at the Next Super Bowl

Get ready to free the nipple, Justin Timberlake will take the stage again for the Super Bowl 52 halftime show.

Jay-Z was originally offered the gig, but he turned it down because who wants to listen to songs about a guy cheating on his wife? It’s possible that Jay-Z takes the stage with Timberlake because there are always 100 guest artists at the Super Bowl and Jay-Z and Timberlake are good friends.

One person who wants to join Timberlake on stage is former flame Britney Spears and please God, yes, make this happen.

Timberlake, as part of NSYNC, joined Spears on stage during Super Bowl 35. It’s only right that Timberlake returns the favor 17 years later. Also, how crazy is it that it’s been 17 years since NSYNC and Spears peaked and the NFL is going back to them. Was there really no one else available? What’s Bhad Bhabie up to? She would have done it.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

No one remembers who played in Super Bowl 38. But they definitely remember Janet Jackson’s nipple. It’s the most infamous incident in Super Bowl halftime history and it was reportedly the last time we’d ever see either person on stage. After that incident, the NFL called upon old people to perform during halftime.

I guess Timberlake fits that bill now.

Here’s how halftime should play out: Timberlake plays a couple of hits, Spears comes out to perform a hit or two, Timberlake and Spears embrace as the TRL generation goes crazy. Then, Janet Jackson appears. She does that one song that people maybe remember and what happens next? Jackson rips Timberlake’s shirt off. Everyone shares a good laugh, people remember that nipples aren’t a big deal unless they are on a woman, and they get the hell off the stage because the Super Bowl halftime show lasts too long. I want football, not a concert.

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