Kevin Hart Possibly Being Extorted by Traveling Stripper

The girl in Kevin Hart’s extortion video has been identified. Her name is Montia Sabbag, but sometimes she spells her name as Montiah when she wants to class it up. She’s a traveling stripper, so she has to class it up often. She met Kevin back in August during a wild weekend at Vegas. This sounds like a plot to a bad Kevin Hart movie and not Kevin Hart’s actual life.

Sabbag claims that she had nothing to do with shooting the video or being the person behind the extortion. Authorities aren’t so sure and are currently working to find out all who are involved with the video and extortion. According to the report, multiple people were in the room that night.

The photo from the nearly 5-minute video shows Hart laying on Sabbag, but either the camera set up is someone else recording because both Sabbag and Hart have their hands on each other. Sabbag is willing to take a lie detector test, as long as Hart pays for it.

The extortionist tried to get millions out of Hart for the video, but Hart decided to keep his money and admit to his mistakes himself. Now the extortionist’s only chance at making money is to hope a media outlet pays for the video. The extortionist reportedly wanted $15 million from one company for the tape. Does Vivid still have that kind of money?

Given that the authorities are involved, it’s unlikely that any media company will pay more than a couple of bucks for the video, so the extortionist will either go to jail or lose a bunch of money just to out Kevin Hart as a cheater. Also, no one is trusting these people again after their identity is revealed.

I hope watching Kevin Hart have sex was worth it.

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