Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Set January Release Date for New Baby

Is it just me or are these two not in the news as much anymore? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Hollywood royalty, as close as you can come. It feels like in between Kim’s Paris robbery attack and Kanye’s mental breakdown, these two haven’t been putting themselves out there as much.

Who’s Taylor Swift gonna make fun of now?

Good news for Kim & Kanye. The two expect their surrogate to deliver their third baby in January. Kardahshian went with a surrogate because she has a condition called placenta accreta. According to WebMD, it translates into “don’t want vagina to be torn up anymore.”

Kim and Kanye set up strict rules for the surrogate to follow.┬áSome made total sense: no drinking, drugs or smoking. Others were cannot go into “hot tubs or saunas, cannot handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated beverage per day or eat raw fish.”

Umm, is this based on science? Or Hollywood science. The two are different. Depriving a fetus of a nice soak in the hot tub seems unnatural. Introducing fetuses to sushi also seems like a great idea. But, whatever.

The surrogate got paid a cool $45,000 which doesn’t sound like a lot. $45k to carry Kim K’s baby? That’s gotta be at least a $100,000 deal with naming rights on the womb.

No idea what these two will name their kid. They already have North and Saint. If I was the surrogate, I would’ve been calling this kid Taylor for nine months, so that when the kid comes out, it would only answer to Taylor, not whatever name Kanye and Kim give the child. That would really f**k with these two.

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