Kirsten Dunst Was Gonna Film a Movie, but Then She Got High

Kirsten Dunst plays a pothead in her new film Woodshock. As most people know, actual alcohol and drugs aren’t used when shooting movies. And if you didn’t know that, I’m sorry to spoil the illusion for you. But Johnny Depp wasn’t snorting a bunch of coke on Blow. He was snorting cake powder.

So, when you see Dunst smoking it up in Woodshock, just know that she’s not smoking actual marijuana. She’s smoking rolled fake herb.

Except when in one scene, where she smoked real marijuana.

Dunst told Jimmy Kimmel that in one scene, after smoking an entire joint, she began to feel like she was losing her mind and felt she needed to go to the hospital. A producer examined the contents of what Dunst had smoked that day and found out that she had smoked a full blunt of real weed.

“And we’re talking about Humboldt weed, OK?” Dunst said. “I don’t smoke full joints. This is like strong s**t.”

When Kimmel asked how the real weed got mixed with the fake weed, Dunst explained that locals rolled the joints for the movie and that they, “threw some in for fun.”

So you’re telling me no one on set knew how to roll a joint and they had to ask locals to do it? No wonder the locals laced the fake joints with the real stuff. This sounds like the lamest movie set ever if they don’t have anyone who knew how to roll a joint.

Dunst finished the story by saying that they had to send her home because she couldn’t film anymore.

All I learned from this story is that the fake weed in this movie is not representative of the real weed Dunst smoked. Now, if I ever see this movie, I’ll only think “That must be some shitty weed they’re smoking because Dunst isn’t freaking out and going insane.”

You can check out the full video below:

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