Kylie Jenner Got Her Lips Filled Because a Boy Said They Were Small

Kylie Jenner revealed the reason she had cosmetic surgery to make her lips bigger, and that reason is equal parts sad and crazy, which describes almost everything about the Kardashians, if you think about it. As reported by Buzzfeed, Kylie told her therapist she got lip fillers because after her first kiss, the boy she kissed said “I didn’t think you were going to be a good kisser because you have such small lips.”

That was apparently all it took for young Kylie to transform herself from a cute teenager to a Nicki Minaj Barbie doll. Even if she was particularly thin-lipped as a teen (she wasn’t), she clearly went overboard, she vaguely looks like her entire head shrank and her lips stayed the same size now.

So I have questions. According to Buzzfeed, this was revealed during a therapy session on her TV show, Life of Kylie. The obvious question is why do you have a TV crew accompany you into a therapy session? What psychologist would actually allow that sort of sideshow in what’s supposed to be a serious therapy environment? How are you going to be able to open about serious issues when you’re being filmed for television?

The second question that comes to mind is why is her show called Life of Kylie? It’s a clever pun, considering Kylie Jenner is just sitting on a pile of inherited money and checks from letting makeup companies use her name in branding without doing any work, but how many people who watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians are familiar with the phrase “living the life of Riley” or the radio series Life of Riley, which is from the 1940’s, a good 60 years before anyone who watches this show unironically was born.

Now, I’m not an expert on Kylie Jenner or a therapist, but I have my doubts that someone suddenly becomes insecure enough to radically alter their body with cosmetic surgery because of an offhanded comment by a teenaged boy. Despite living a charmed, privileged life, Kylie Jenner might have actual issues she should be talking to a therapist about, even if it’s just the stress of having to keep her public image up. She’s never going to get to those issues as long as she’s bringing a documentary crew into her therapy sessions, though. It’s actually pretty obvious that all of the Kardashians would do well with a little actual therapy.

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