Leo Dicaprio Eyes Another Oscar, but Won’t Have to Eat Bear Parts to Get It This Time

Man, Martin Scorsese likes putting Leonardo DiCaprio in movies. He cast him as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, he wants him to play The Joker in his upcoming terrible DC Comics Joker origin film, and now he’s cast him to play President Theodore Roosevelt in his upcoming biopic Roosevelt, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, an outdoorsman who created the United States Forest Service and isn’t the President Roosevelt who was married to an obvious lesbian who was also his cousin. That really happened, by the way; Eleanor Roosevelt’s maiden name was Roosevelt.

The last time you saw Teddy Roosevelt on the big screen he was being played by Robin Williams in the Night at the Museum series. I’m expecting Leonard DiCaprio to have a slightly more serious take. Also probably more flattering of Roosevelt than the first film about him, 1901’s Terrible Teddy, The Grizzly King, produced by Thomas Edison, which you can see below.

It turns out not everyone was as impressed with Roosevelt’s outdoorsman persona when he was alive as Leonardo DiCaprio is today. The Scorsese-directed biopic is actually fairly timely, as Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy is one of environmentalism and good stewardship of our natural resources, beliefs shared by Leonardo DiCaprio, and something that’s nice to remember we once cared about as we watch the polar ice caps melt and fall into the ocean.

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