Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure Because ‘Tha Carter V’ Still Isn’t Out

Lil Wayne is back in the hospital after suffering from seizures this weekend in Chicago. The rap superstar was found unconscious in his hotel room on Sunday after suffering from at least one seizure. He was rushed to the hospital, where he suffered another seizure.

Experiencing multiple seizures in less than 24 hours would usually keep a person in the hospital for at least a day, but Lil Wayne’s team tried to get him discharged on Sunday night. Why? Because he had a show to play in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Way to look after the guys health, team Lil Wayne.

Fortunately, doctors wouldn’t release him because they don’t care about some stupid Vegas show and don’t want to be sued for releasing a patient before he’s ready. Weezy has suffered seizures on a plane before, so flying to Vegas a day or two after his latest episode would have been worse than his last album.

In the latest update, Wayne’s appearance in Vegas has been canceled and the rapper is currently resting. He is out of the hospital, but needs to rest for at least two weeks.

Unless his team is calling the shots. In that case, we’ll see Wayne half-assing some performance during halftime of the Saints game on Sunday.

Wayne has a long history of seizures, dating back to at least 2012 when he was taken to the hospital after suffering a seizure while on his private plane. In March 2013, he was taken to the ICU after suffering multiple seizures. Wayne claimed back then that the seizures stemmed from overworking himself.

I feel like firing the people who want you to work on a Thursday after being hospitalized for multiple seizures on Sunday would be a good start to his overworking problem.

Also, if Young Money could just go ahead and release Tha Carter V, that would probably be good for his health as well. He’s been fighting to get it released for like five years. These seizures are on you, Birdman.

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