Mario Lopez’s Phone Assaulted at Las Vegas Spa

Despite TMZ’s headline, Mario Lopez wasn’t actually assaulted at a Las Vegas spa over the weekend.

Lopez bumped into a guy, the guy got angry and smashed Mario’s phone, the cops were called, and that was the end of the situation. No charges were pressed and the man, a known troublemaker, has been banned from the spa.

As our headline reads, Mario Lopez’s phone was assaulted, not Mario Lopez. If anything, Mario assaulted the other guy for rudely bumping into him. Sure, he apologized. But look where you’re going, Mario. You’re not above using your eyes just because you’re a television star.

Don’t feel too bad for Mario, his phone was replaced by the hotel.

Are we sure this wasn’t a set-up? How do we know that Lopez didn’t pay that man to break his phone so the hotel would get him a new one? It seems a little too suspicious that Lopez would get his phone smashed the same week Apple announces the new line of iPhones. I’m sure Mario is rich enough and has enough connections that he could just get the new iPhone without much hassle, but maybe he just wanted to be involved in an elaborate plot like his high school days at Bayside.

The phone company needs to check Mario’s phone records. If he’s been making calls to a Zack Morris in the last week or so, then this was definitely a set-up. Even if it wasn’t a set-up, I’d totally try this trick if I went to that spa.

Anyway, this guy is lucky he didn’t try Mario. He would have been taken to suplex city. Just like Nedick.

After almost but not really getting into a fight at the spa, Mario and his wife went to Jennifer Lopez’s show. Fortunately for him, he didn’t bump into any known troublemakers and get his pager smashed.

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