Multi-Million Dollar Powerball Winner Turns Out to Be a Creep

Back in 2013, Pedro Quezada won the $338 million Powerball. While that turned out to be only $152 million after taxes, that’s still a ton of money. Especially if you lived in New Jersey like this guy did.

So, what’s Pedro up to today? Well, he’s going to jail for sexually assaulting a minor.

According to Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes, Quezada sexually assaulted a girl for three years, while she was between the ages 11 and 14. He’s been charged with two counts each of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault and child endangerment.

At the time of his winning, Quezada said, “My life will change because it — so much money, but it will not change my heart.”

We probably should have known what was in Pedro’s heart when he used $30,000 to pay child support that he had owed since 2009, dumped his 10-year girlfriend with whom he had a child with, and moved without paying the $7,250 he owed in rent to the landlord. He also promised to pay the rent for everyone on his block for a month, but never followed through.

I’m not saying that those are signs that a person will eventually sexually assault an 11-year-old for three years, but those are definitely signs that a person isn’t a good human being. And when you give bad people who aren’t used to money a lot of money, they think they can get away with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old for three years.

If convicted, Pedro could face 20 years in prison. He’s 49 now and from what I’ve been told about fellow inmates, they don’t take too kindly to those who have been locked up for crimes relating to children. Throw in the fact that Pedro is a sort-of celebrity and if convicted, this guy might be better off running than hoping he’ll survive 20 years in jail.

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