Sara Jean Underwood — Not Just a Great Pair of Boobs

If you think Sara Underwood’s all about boobs and nudity…you’d be right. Peel behind her curtain of 32c’s though and it’s a different story. Underwood’s got a lot going on below the surface that you might not know.

Of course, everyone knows this former 2007 Playmate of the Year from Instagram pics like these.

Boobs on Instagram!

Check her out @saraunderwood on Instagram.

Boobs on Snapchat!

Think she spends most of her time on Instagram now, her Snapchat’s not really used anymore. Someone go verify for me.

Boobs in Greece!

Click the gallery to see pics of her doing something or rather in Greece.

Nude in a stairwell…and boobs!

Playboy chose wisely

They made Underwood the Playmate of the Month in July 2006. Then, they followed that up by crowning her 2007 Playmate of the Year (link NSFW). I’ll be honest, I never knew she was a Playmate. Natural step for someone who used to work at Hooters though.

The former Oregon State University (shout out to Beavers football!) and Portland State University (uhh, no idea their mascot) student parlayed that Playboy spread to some good career moves.

The Girls Next Door (2005-2009)

Underwood had some guest spots on this show that featured a bunch of Playmates at Hugh Hefner’s mansion. Regulars included Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

Attack of the Show (2010-2013)

Underwood did a segment called “The Feed” on Attack of the Show, which Olivia Munn once hosted. There’s a bunch of clips out there of her, but none as great as this clip where host Candace Bailey motorboats Underwood.

Where’s the Emmy for this?!? Seriously.

Her appeal to the nerd culture doesn’t stop with Attack of the Show. She also did a Star Wars parody, “Star Wars: The Lost Auditions.” It was one of the web shorts put out by Playboy. If you couldn’t guess, she plays each Star Wars character and their “lost” audition tape.

For a Playboy short, there’s a terribly lack of nudity. This must’ve been when Playboy made that horrible decision to do away with nudity in their magazines (which they’ve wisely brought back).

If you wanna check out more nudes and pretend you’re highbrow, buy her book, Muse: A Portrait of Sara Jean Underwood.

Topless and ass shots in nature

If you’ve read this far, you’re a fan, so go support Underwood on Patreon. You can fund her adventures throughout the world. It’s like being a patron of the arts, like symphonies, or museums, except you’re sending someone off to travel and getting their sweaty bikini bottoms in return.


Pay $500 per month and you can get a “signed piece of my wardrobe from one of these shoots (bikinis, tops…)” Reminds me of those Japanese underwear vending machines. However, read closely and it doesn’t actually say that any of these bikinis were worn. So, basically you paid $500 for an autograph.

Supposedly, Underwood makes $35,000-$40,000 a month from Patreon. I find that insane. Insane that so many people would donate. Also, insanely smart by Underwood to market herself so well.

Check out Underwood in nature.

Oh yea, nude yoga

How does Underwood stay fit? Nude yoga. The link is obvs NSFW, it’s straight from PornHub, but you’re not gonna care. Frog pose is pretty funny, you should try that one.

Hit the gallery for pics if you can’t bother to go to PornHub.

Computer nerd shit

I called this section “computer nerd shit,” but it could be called, “Revenue streams (because sponsored posts don’t pay enough).” Not only do you have Underwood on Patreon looking for patrons, she’s teaching an online computer course.

It’s called “Sara Learns to Code. Making an App from Scratch” from Udemy. The description says “[t]ogether we will walk through the entire process of building a web application using the Ruby on Rails framework and writing code in the Ruby, HTML, and CSS languages.”

*stunned silence*

This does not sound like many boobies will be shown.

If learning how to code from a Playmate for the cost of a Subway sandwich floats your boat, check it out. I prefer what Karlie Kloss is doing with her organization, Kode with Klossy. Then again, Kloss has way more resources.

Hard to say how much Underwood teaches, and how much her co-instructor (Stephanie Elizabeth) teaches, but good for her. Niche marketing to the nerd crowd.

I like the reviews too.

I love Sarah underwood. I am just not following right away. I will have to watch it a few times to understand.

Think that reviewer meant, where are the boobs???

I like Sara from her more sensual productions, but this is great.

“Sensual productions…” Riiiight.

Only 400 students enrolled. That’s about $4000. Then, take out her co-instructor’s split, Udemy’s split, Underwood isn’t clearing that much. She needs some more of that Fit Tea money.

Who’s Underwood dating and do I have a chance?

No, you don’t have a chance. However, if your name if Ryan Seacrest, you once did have a chance. Never knew Seacrest dated Underwood. She fits his type: young, hot, blonde. They dated for almost a year in 2008.

She also recently dated, and broke up with, some Bachelorette contestant called Roberto Martinez.  They dated for 2-3 years before who knows what happened. Research tells me Martinez sells insurance in Colorado. Underwood travels around to exotic places, poses in bikinis and she’s 33 but looks like she’s 21. She also makes almost half a million per year. You tell me who’s done better.

It’s really not clear what Sara Underwood’s talents are, but she’s doing well for herself. She’s traveling to fun places. Her body’s not succumbing to gravity yet.

She’s making good money off Patreon selling bikinis and teasing fans. Actually, it’s not really obvious, besides Patreon, how else she makes money. Hopefully, her fans stick around with her until they’re all old and invalids. Then, they can die face first into piles of Underwood’s bikini bottoms. Dreams really can come true.

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