Scott Disick Needs a Dose of Bella Thorne’s Boobs

Things aren’t looking good for Scott Disick. The only cure might be Bella Thorne’s breasts. What if her breasts cured all of the world’s problems, yet she only had a finite amount to give? Please comment below.

Disick, who’s only recent and noteworthy news item was copping a feel on Thorne a few months ago, is in bad shape.

Radar reports:

“On August 18, LAFD [Los Angeles Fire Department] responded to a call from the home of Scott Disick…He was transported to a local hospital shortly after the Lost Hills Sheriff arrived to the scene. No other information is available.”

Whoa whoa whoa! Stop the presses. Too much information to take in.

Thankfully, some site called The Blast, gave very, very specific details. I’ve never heard of The Blast, but some dude from TMZ started it (actually, doing more research now, good story in NY Times about Mike Walters, the guy who started it).

Anyway, according to them, Disick got taken away on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Also, the reason paramedics arrived at the home was because, wait for it, “he got drunk and they told me to call,” so says the caller to 911.

According to the incident report, Disick was removed from his home on a stretcher before being transported to the hospital on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

The report also notes Disick was placed on the gurney in the Semi-Fowler’s position, which is used to minimize a patient’s possibility of choking.

Sources say Kourtney Kardashian showed up for support. Not said was if she showed up with her new boyfriend that she’s totally serious about it.

Bella Thorne, meanwhile, did not visit. C’mon! Disick needs the cure, pronto!

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