Serena Williams’ Child Has Already Accomplished More Than You

Serena Williams has revealed her baby to the world.

Wait a second, where is the Beyonce-like reveal with the perfect lighting and floral backdrop? This is just a..regular picture.

I guess when you’ve already won a tennis Grand Slam while in the womb, you don’t need an over the top dramatic reveal. You just arrive and people bend the knee, knowing you accomplished more before birth than they’ll accomplish in 100 years of life.

Serena and fiance Alexis Ohanian named their new baby girl Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. That’s right, the father’s name is Alexis and the daughter’s name is Alexis. Unfortunately for them, if they have a boy later in life, I don’t think Serena works as a gender neutral name. Unless they want that boy to be picked on all his life.

In a caption, Serena is already bragging about her child’s accomplishments.

“Hello, world. Baby girl Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. Born: September 1, 2017. Weight: 6 lb 14 oz. Grand slam titles: 1”

Williams told Vogue magazine last month that she knew little Alexis was going to be a girl when she managed to play while pregnant in the Australian Open.

“Alexis thinks we’re having a boy, but I have a strong suspicion that it’s a girl,” she says. “Two weeks after we found out, I played the Australian Open. I told Alexis it has to be a girl because there I was playing in 100-degree weather, and that baby never gave me any trouble. Ride or die. Women are tough that way.”

Isn’t she confirming that she cheated by having a partner in her singles match?

Good luck dealing with Serena at those PTA meetings, fellow parents who had a child this year. Your child may be an honor roll student, but that aint gonna mean a thing to a child who has won a major tennis tournament and owns the front page of the internet.

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