Sex Robot Mauled by Tech Visitors Who Mount Her Breasts and Legs

In a sign of the escalating tension between humanity and the sex robot underclass, a sex robot called Samantha was damaged at an Austrian tech expo. The doll’s inventor, Sergi Santos, sounded downright distraught over the damage to what is essentially a really expensive Barbie doll.

People can be bad. Because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it, they treated the doll like barbarians.

At least he knows it’s a doll. He went on to say:

Samantha can endure a lot, she will pull through.

He does know it’s a doll, right? I’m kind of worried about this dude. I’ve heard of people falling in love with the AI assistant in their phone, like that movie Her, and your phone can’t suck your dick. Yet. I’m fairly sure if Steve Jobs was still alive, Apple would have that feature in a beta test, at least.

The people mounted Samantha’s breasts, her legs and arms. Two fingers were broken. She was heavily soiled.

What the hell is going on in Austria that people are just whipping out their cocks for sex robots in the middle of a tech expo? And what could have possibly broken two of her fingers? Have we already programmed sex robots to do butt stuff? This story just raises so many more questions than it answers.

Apparently, sex robots are very popular in Austria with brothels getting more customers wanting an hour with Rosie the Slutty French Maid than with the actual women who work there. I understand the curiosity, but I can’t imagine being curious enough to rent a sex toy. I used to wash my hands after handling rented DVDs, and I’m pretty sure no one put their dick in those. Like 90%.

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