The Chainsmokers Make Chinese Eating Dogs Joke While Touring China

If you need more proof beyond Memories…Do Not Open that The Chainsmokers’ judgement is off, there’s this. The Chainsmokers are touring Asia. Right now, they’re in Shanghai, China for the Ultra China event.

While there, a Chinese reporter asked Alex Pall of the group if he brings his dog on tour. His response:

“I try to, but she’s like really ill behaved, so, yeah. I mean, if she could come anywhere, I’d bring her to… well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.”

Then, he chuckled as he said that. The obvious inference was that he was referring to Chinese people eating dog meat, and that they’d eat his pooch if he brought it. Which is absurd…because Chinese people only eat strays. It’s very circle of life there. Keep your dog on a leash, Alex, and you’ll be fine.

Obviously, it’s a dumb joke. And also unoriginal, much like their recent music.

Was there a backlash? Sure.

Joseph Kahn, Taylor Swift’s resident apologist and “Look What You Made Me Do” director, also tweeted out his thoughts.

The Chainsmokers made a “racist” joke about eating dogs in China…but they do eat dogs in China.

It’s obviously a true statement because you have the Yulin Dog Meat Festival where they serve up Fido on a stick. The Chainsmokers, though, make it sound like Chinese people are walking around like the Red Guard, rounding up everyone’s dogs regardless whom they belong to and eating them on the spot.

The group felt the backlash. They issued their apology of course.

“I made a comment in an interview about being hesitant to bring my dog, Cheddar, to China, because I have read reports about dogs being slaughtered in certain provinces,” Pall wrote. “We originally posted a video to share how much we love China and our fans there. We would never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologize if we offended anyone.”

What they needed to apologize for was that aural atrocity called Memories…Do Not Open. They’ve been on a downward streak for awhile now. They’re also pretty douchey as is. So, this isn’t too surprising coming from them.

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