Unnamed Man Claims Usher Gave Him Herpes in Koreatown Spa

Much like herpes itself, this story about Usher spreading STDs like he’s Johnny Herpeseed keeps flaring up at the worst possible moments. The dude who claims Usher gave him herpes is now claiming that he and Usher had sex in a spa in Koreatown. TMZ, who reported the claim, also had a statement from Usher.

Usher’s attorney, Zia Modabber, tells TMZ, “Usher will defend himself vigorously in court against these opportunistic claims and we will not comment further on private legal matters.”

So apparently Usher has refused to admit he has herpes, but has also refused to take an STD test to prove he doesn’t have herpes. Which is also how he got into this lawsuit to begin with. Well, that and fucking anything that moves.

Anything that moves includes Laura Helm, a defendant in the suit from Georgia who claims she banged Usher twice, once without a condom.

She says, during the second encounter Usher set the mood by putting on jazz music while performing oral sex on her.

She references reports that Usher paid $1.1 million to a previous sex partner but she offers no proof.

Helm says they were platonic friends and he wooed her by telling her about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.

By the way, that’s absolutely my move. When I pursue a woman, I definitely put on the slow jazz and go down on her, then brag about my humanitarian work in Africa. Unlike Usher, I’ve never given a sex partner herpes or $1.1 million, just regret.

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