Steven Tyler Wants You to Know He’s Not Dead

There were rumors that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler had a heart attack or seizure. They started when the band canceled their shows in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. This was on account of “unexpected medical issues” said Tyler at the time. That’s when the speculation started because that’s what people do now.

The rumors aren’t true according to Tyler. He’s not dying, hasn’t had a heart attack and isn’t seizuring (I made that word up).

Tyler, 69, wrote on Twitter:

I give you all an A+ for creative speculations but I certainly did not have a heart attack or a seizure ((unless [bandmate] Joe Perry is takin’ a rippin’ lead))

But he did give a clue in the final sentence:

I guess it’s true what they say…”That life’s a pisser when eu’re a peein’….”

That can only mean one thing. A sudden bout of incontinence, an uncontrollable bladder. Very not rock star to be pissing onstage involuntarily. Still, a million girls would do him, even if he started peeing on them randomly. Because who doesn’t like to be surprised now and then?

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