Alexis Ren’s Behind the Scenes SI Swimsuit Photoshoot

Alexis Ren was named 2017 SI Swimsuit’s Rookie of the Year. Don’t ask me how they judge that. Maybe it was just a bunch of people gawking at various models’ Instagrams and making grunting noises. If that’s the case, I’m qualified to be a judge.

Back in 2013, Ren said being an SI Swimsuit model was a dream job. Cool. Cool cool cool.

Regarding her selection as a swimsuit model, SI Swimsuit’s editor MJ Day said “the girl was born to be in a bikini…Her first shot was magical…she hasn’t taken a bad shot yet.” Perfect pickup line, will attempt at club.

SI livestreamed Ren’s announcement as rookie of the year, and now here’s a behind-the-scenes video.

It’s four minutes of Ren writhing around, breaking out those SI Swimsuit power poses she’s been waiting to use all these years. You know how musicians lock themselves in the practice room for years, practicing songs, waiting for their break? I imagine Ren spent years, hours a day, in front of her mirror, just…posing. One pose after the other, duck lipping in the mirror. On the one hand, very boring. On the other hand, I applaud her determination.

You will now be rewarded with photos of Ren. Enjoy.

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