Ashton Kutcher, Gun Owner, Demands Gun Control

Ashton Kutcher admitted that he’s had a gun since he was 12-years-old and yeah, it sounds like something needs to change.

Can we please talk about the fact that Ashton freaking Kutcher, the guy who played the idiot in every movie he was in, was able to have a gun when he was 12? I’m sure he wasn’t the one buying it, but seriously? A 12-year-old with a gun? My dad wouldn’t let me play with a water gun until I was 13. Yes, my childhood sucked. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

Let’s actually skip prayer since that hasn’t done us much good this year and go straight to changing laws.

I don’t know, Ashton. I think we should wait until at least 100 people are murdered before we get to the table. Teenagers weren’t enough, 10 people weren’t enough, children weren’t enough, 20 people weren’t enough, why would 50 people be enough?

Ashton needs to put action behind his words and show himself giving up his guns. I know “hunting and sportsman” and whatever, but the Native Americans did just fine killing animals with a bow and arrow. We can still have gun ranges where guns can be used in a controlled environment, but not everyone in America needs a gun.

I know people with guns. You probably know people with guns. How often have they had to use that gun for safety? You never hear the story, “A man broke into someone’s house, but quickly got the hell out of there because the homeowner pulled out a gun.”

As much as Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities want gun laws to change, nothing will change. Because some old dudes thousands of years ago wrote “we can own guns” on a piece of paper. And even though we demand a new iPhone every year, God forbid we change some words on thousand-year old paper.

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