‘Blade Runner 2049’ Should Have Been a Comedy With Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Alison Hammond

If you watched Ryan Gosling host Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you’ll know that he’s not very good at staying in character. I don’t think a single sketch went by that didn’t have him break for laughter in the middle of it. It was cute at first. Then it was like, “How do they ever get through filming a movie with you laughing every three seconds?” Then it became cute again because Ryan Gosling is adorable.

So, it wasn’t surprising to see him laugh his way through this interview on This Morning with Alison Hammond.

Seeing Harrison Ford cracking up the entire time is a different story. He’s usually a bit more serious during interviews.

If this isn’t proof that laughing is contagious, I don’t know what it is. It’s tough to remain straight-faced when Gosling is turning fifty shades of red and Hammond is laughing so loud she’s waking the country next to her.

I had never heard of Alison Hammond prior to this interview but she’s my new favorite person in entertainment. She seems super fun to be around and makes the guests pretty comfortable. It probably helps that they’re allowed to drink and she doesn’t mind drinking herself. Even though she says at the end that she doesn’t drink.

It also helps that she’s honest from the jump, admitting that she’s never seen the original Blade Runner. That means she’s not there to kiss their ass and tell them how great the original was and how great the new one is. She’s just there to have fun and get some stories.

And she gets some stories.

Gosling talks about Ford punching him in the face during filming, Ford admits that he can’t dance or sing, and they try to harmonize.

This interview not only sold me on seeing Blade Runner 2049, it has me wanting a buddy comedy with Ford, Gosling, and Hammond.

Get on it, Hollywood.

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