Busta Rhymes Ready to Break a Dude’s Neck

There’s nothing tougher than a man who knows 20 security guards and entourage members are going to jump in the moment something pops off.

And I’m not saying Busta Rhymes isn’t tough. This is a man who butted heads with a ram and it was the ram who ended up with a broken neck.

But it’s still easier to be tough when you know your friends will get involved the second you square up.

I don’t know why Busta is so angry at this man who looks like a kid. The incident occurred at Diddy’s REVOLT Music Conference, but that’s the only thing we know about the situation. Maybe the kid was like, “I thought you were gonna release E.L.E. 2 at the end of 2014. It’s the end of 2017 and you still aint put out a new album. What happened?” and Busta took exception to a very fair question.

The guy is lucky Busta didn’t outright punch him in the face after he put his hands on him. Busta was kind enough to just push him away and square up. That’s when people got in the middle because those dudes know that they’re screwed if Busta goes to jail over some dumb s**t.

Busta has a history of snapping for no reason. He once threw a protein shake at a gym owner cause he said, “No boost” and the owner gave him boost.

The rapper didn’t mention the incident on Twitter, so chances are we’ll never know the reason why he was ready to swing on dude.

Busta is a 45-year-old millionaire. What’s he doing trying to fight dudes who look 20 years younger than him anyway?

I guess he took the REVOLT part of Diddy’s music conference a little too literal.

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