Demi Lovato Is Healthy, Not Sorry About That

I don’t remember Skinny Demi Lovato. Maybe it’s because she was always around Selena Gomez, who makes everyone look a little bigger, but Skinny Demi just wasn’t a thing I recall. But, she was a real thing. Here’s photographic evidence:

Lovato shared the picture on her Instagram, with the caption “Recovery is possible.”

I don’t know when “Then” was because that photo is filtered to death and honestly looks photoshopped. The year the picture was taken would have been nice. In Demi’s new documentary Simply Complicated, the singer admits to having an eating disorder following her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama. Christ, how many girls has Fez ruined? Lindsay Lohan, Demi, Ashlee Simpson. It’s freakin‘ Fez, not Leo.

Anyway, Demi looks much healthier now.

She’s healthy, she possibly has a new girlfriend, and that Sorry, Not Sorry song stays in my head.

In the documentary, Lovato talks about her eating disorder and says food is still her biggest challenges. She says that she eats when she feels lonely and she’s still dealing with be lonely. Hey Demi, my Twitter is @jeremylambert88. Hit me up if you ever feel lonely. We can do some karaoke, play video games, maybe a little adult coloring. You let me know. I just want to help you because you made Skyscraper and that song is friggin’ powerful and got me through some tough times. Hanging out with you when you’re lonely is the least I can do to repay you.

You can watch the entire documentary on YouTube

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