Ed Sheeran Versus Moving Car…Sheeran Lost

You know the old saying that you should walk before you ride a bike? In Ed Sheeran’s case the saying goes, you should not ride a bike.

Maybe next time he won’t be in such a rush to get to that castle on the hill.

Sheeran broke his arm in a biking accident when a car hit him. Alright, maybe Ed can still ride his bike. He should just ride a stationary bike, where the only way a car could hit him is if it drives right through his house. And if that happens, we’ll just call Sheeran the unluckiest bike rider in the world.

The injury is a big deal because Sheeran’s “Divide” tour was scheduled to resume in Taipei on Oct. 22. Given that a broken arm doesn’t heal in a week, it seems nearly impossible that he’ll make that date.

I went to Sheeran’s “Divide” Tour when he stopped through Raleigh in early September. It was awesome, but it would not have worked without Sheeran (shocker, right?). That’s because he’s literally a one-man band. It’s just him, a guitar, and a loop pedal. The only time someone else got on stage is when he brought out James Blunt, the tour opener, to play piano for a song.

Being down one arm makes it difficult to play guitar and there’s no way Sheeran is going to have someone else play guitar, reducing himself to a singer and loop pedal pusher. Most fans wouldn’t mind, but it would take away some of the specialness that makes Sheeran a great performer.

In the end, Sheeran will just move the early tour dates to the back end of the schedule and things will be fine.

Next time, Sheeran should wear his elbow pads. I don’t know how they’d protect him from a broken arm, but it’d make for a funny image. Sheeran all decked in safety gear that your mom makes you wear for your first post-training wheel ride. I’m laughing just thinking of how silly he’d look.

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