Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t Sexually Assault Katy Perry, Is Now Worse Than Harvey Weinstein

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Ellen DeGeneres is in some huge trouble. I’m talking big balloon huge trouble.

That’s a tweet Ellen made. Seems harmless enough, right? Her and Katy are friends and Ellen is referencing Katy’s song “Birthday” where she literally sings, “So let me get you in your birthday suit. It’s time to bring out the big balloons.”

Nope. We live in 2017 and Harvey Weinstein has made it so no one can open the door for a girl without being accused of sexual assault.

Upon sending the tweet, guys rushed to bash Ellen for sexually assaulting Perry, proclaiming that there is a double standard in Hollywood. Look at these idiots:

People are so dumb.

I’m not even going to defend Ellen here because it’s obvious she was making a joke amongst friends. All guys do when they try to say “double standard” in this situation is make themselves look worse. South Park got it right last night. One witch hunt just turns into another witch hunt as people try to cover their own asses and make up for their own moral insecurities.

How about we keep focus on the real bad people here. Harvey Weinstein legitimately used his power to try and ruin careers and scar girls for life. Ellen DeGeneres sent a birthday tweet to her friend. They are not the same people.

If you think they are the same people, just know you’re siding with Michael Rapaport and Piers Morgan. Is that what you really want to do?

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