Give Bill Murray More Than $3 For Charity Or He’ll End You

Don’t try to lowball Bill Murray, the dude has been around the block. TMZ caught Murray signing merchandise for people, all of whom were handing Murray cash in exchange for signing their swag, which, by the way, was a lot of Ghostbusters stuff and not a whole lot of Lost In Translation merch.

Turns out the cash was to help the relief effort in Puerto Rico, which means Murray has officially done more for the US commonwealth than Donald Trump, who was public musing about how we can’t be giving them aid forever because a mayor was mean to him.

Of course, Bill Murray is Bill Murray, and when one fan only had $3 to donate, Murray told him “Get a job and then come back”. Who even tries to lowball a charity anyway?

Even though it won’t get you Bill Murray’s autograph, it’s going to take a lot of help to rebuild Puerto Rico, and if you’d like to help, consider donating to The Hispanic Federation. You can direct your contributions towards Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief on the donation page.

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