Jared Leto to Play Hugh Hefner, So Expect To See Him Wearing a Robe Everywhere

Despite the fact that he’s a crazy person and an annoying method actor, Jared Leto keeps getting work. He must be doing something right if people keep hiring him despite the fact that he sent dead animals to his costars. You try that one at your job sometime, see how it goes over. “Todd sent everyone in the office dead pigeons, but he does a great job with those APAR spreadsheets, let’s give him a raise” is not a thing anyone has ever said.

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bret Ratner is making a Hugh Hefner biopic and he wants Jared Leto to play the recently deceased Playboy founder.

“Jared is an old friend,” says Ratner, 48, who will direct the film. “When he heard I got the rights to Hef’s story, he told me, ‘I want to play him. I want to understand him.’ And I really believe Jared can do it. He’s one of the great actors of today.”

Again, if the world’s greatest cashier sent his coworkers dead rats, he’d be in jail, but Jordan Catalano does it and he’s “so devoted to his craft”.

Okay, so a Hugh Hefner biopic might be a good movie, depending on what it covers. I’d like to see a film that follows how Hefner slipped from champion of women’s liberation to a dirty old man paying porn stars to bang in front of him. And I can absolutely see Jared Leto as the kind of scumbag who would hire porn stars to have sex in front of him.

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